Vaginoplasty: Vaginal dan Feminity Rejuvenation

Maternity, aging processes and genetic factors frequently cause vaginal function disorders. During the process of maternity, when baby comes out through the birth canal, muscles, fascia and ligaments undergo rip and become weak and loose. Perineum and pelvic bottom muscles that follow to support vagina also can undergo the same cases. But, factually, the weaknesses of vagina and pelvic muscles can also be undergone by women that have not given birth. The causes are: the weak muscle support tissues (genetic), prolonged cough, and the increased abdominal cavity pressure like heavy lifting, or overweight. Vaginal diameter becomes greater, lost jaws power and control in vaginal muscle contraction. Finally, it causes lost sensation and sexual enjoyment. In this phase, vagina does not function optimally.

This problem can cause disorders in self-confidence, satisfaction in intimate relationship and affect sexual life in household. The effective way to recover, it is taking vaginal rejuvenation that also known as Vaginoplasty.Vaginoplasty is a reconstruction surgery of the vagina for having normal vagina again. Vaginoplasty surgery aims to shape and tighten vaginal muscles, perineum and vaginal buttress, so vagina returns to the shape and function condition of “pre-pregnancy”. Even vaginoplasty is recommended to women who has “drop” of abdominal organs like bladder (cystocele), urethra (ureterocele), and rectum (enterocele). It is also beneficial in incontinence complaints in which patients cannot control urine or faeces spontaneously. The reconstruction process of vaginal shape and also perineum and pelvic bottom muscles can cause increased arousal and sexual satisfaction for women (and also men)!

Howvaginoplasty done?

Dr. Prima Progestian, SpOG from Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital in Jakarta explains that vaginoplasty surgery can be done in Indonesia. The patient does not need to go abroad. Vaginoplasty is executed by disposing excessive tissues, tightening support tissues and vaginal buttress muscles, perineum and pelvic bottom. This operation will make vagina becomes tight again. The Surgery is performed by using either sacral block, general anesthesia, but also in the non-severe case, local anesthesia. The surgery takes place in one to two hours and the principle one, patient can go home in the same day. After the surgery, patient does not need bed rest; she can walk and do light activities. Sometimes, patient complaints there is mild bleeding or painful because of swelling in the surgical area. But, usually it will pass in the next one or two days. During the process of recovery, patient is not allowed to have intimate relationship, douching and using tampon for 6 weeks after surgery.

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