The research in esthetic gynecology surgery shows satisfied results

Esthetic Gynecology Surgery is a new-relatively surgical science branch in gynecology surgical field. Reconstruction surgery in woman genitalia aims to: (1) Improving anatomy variations and functional disorders, (2) Reconstructing cosmetically extenal genitalia organs and (3) Improving woman sexuality.

The questions which are always asked: “Do vulvovaginal aesthetic procedures such as Labiaplasty, Vaginoplasty/Perineoplasty (“Vaginal Rejuvenation”) and Clitoral Hood Resection surgeries give satisfied results? “Why do women seek aesthetic gynecology surgical procedures?” Besides that, it also occurs the questions about who has a right to execute the procedures, and the ethical factor considerations.

Long time ago, it had not been a clinical research considered medically, a multicenter research that studied the surgical outcomes and patient satisfaction by labiaplasty action and other aesthetic gynecology surgical procedures. In 2009, a multicenter research which was conducted by Michael P. Goodman et al, published in Journal of Sexual Medicine that involves 341 aesthetic gynecology procedures (labiaplasty, clitoral hood resection, vaginoplsty or the combinations) in 258 different women, from 12 surgeons who execute actions in 8 states in United States of America.

The research results are:

  • Most patients (75.7%) performed this surgery action because of anatomical uncomfortability such as painful when wearing clothes, painful when having sexual relationship.
  • In 53.1% of women, because of cosmetic reasons and 32.7% of women want to improve their self-confidences.
  • In patients who performed vaginoplasty, the most of reasons are caused by sexual problems, they want to satisfy their mates and feel their loose vagina. But only minority (5%) of them did surgery because of their mate wants.
  • Overall, 91.6% of women are satisfied toward the surgery for 6 to 42 months follow-up.
  • In 98.2% of women and 82.2% of their mates has sexual satisfaction after vaginoplasty
  • Patients who undergo labiaplasty and clitoral hood resection, 97.2% of them express their satisfactions
  • Complications during surgery is very rare.

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