Hymenoplasty : Surprise gift in love day (Valentine’s day)

In several newspapers, magazines, internets, radios in United States of America and Europe, in the recent years, it is explained about “booming” of hymen reparation action or “hymenoplasty”.Or it is also called as “hymen rejuvenation” or “revirgination”. Usually, this action is executed in many times by women come from Midle East and Latin America countries because of the habits and socio-cultural ones that emphasize the importance of virginity when getting marriage.

Hymenoplasty trend increase in women in France, German, Canada including United States of America is told by Esmeralda Vanegas, The Owner of the Ridgewood Health and Beauty Center in New York, that bahwa “Hymenoplasty demands increase until reaching five patients for every month. Hymenoplasty is executed for pleasing their husbands or mates because knowing that their mates want to make love to virgins” said a women born in Cuba. In United Stated of America, a part of women execute revirgination as the method for improving their sexual life, feeling there is “second honeymoon” even given as a gift of Valentine day for their husbands and mates!

Jeanette Yarborough, a nurse from San Antonio, Texas, United States of America, expresses that she executes hymenoplasty, as a special gift for her husband in their 16th wedding anniversary. “I am not a virgin anymore when getting married and I think there is no better compared with revirgination“ said 40year-old mother to AFP news agency. I want to give sentimental gift and factually, my husband is touched his heart very much! For a part of ethnics, woman hymen can influence marriage prospects, family reputation even someone’s soul. Virginity in marriage has religious, social, and even economical values. In many cultures in Mediterranean and Africa, the man family revenges compelled and punishment because bride who is not virgin anymore has embarrassed their families. So, hymenoplasty is assumed as “obligatory” for social status, happiness and even their soul saving.

How about hymenoplasty in Indonesia? Dr. Prima Progestian, SpOG from Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital in Jakarta, also see there is the same trend. Socio-cultural problems still dominate the desire for revirgination. Even the action not only concerns with hymen “reparation” but also in woman genitalia thoroughly. Medically, a woman can be executed genital reconstructive surgery if having physical complaints, such as labia minora that enlarged very much so it causes wound and painful when using clothes, if there is congenital genital abnormality or it occurs complaints for defecating or urinating. Hymenoplasty is one of reconstruction actions in woman genitalia. Medically, there are several kinds of genitalia reconstruction, they are: Vaginoplasty is executed in woman that has congenital abnormality in which she does not have vaginal hole, so she needs “hole” to be able to make relationship to her husband when she wants to be married to. So, the actions for reducing genital labia (labia mayora or labia minora) or Labiaplasty are executed in women who feel painful or irritations because of excessive genital labia growth. Vaginoplasty is to tightening of front or back vaginal cavity which causes urinating or defecating problem because of prolapsed bladder or rectum to vagina (cystocele or rectocele). Vaginoplasty or colporrafia automatically will strengthen pelvic muscles and vagina becomes narrow. So, the outcomes that causes more harmonious relationship and sexual enjoyment are “side effects” that occur as the results of genital reconstruction efforts because of medical factors.

Nevertheless, intimate organ rejuvenation surgery upon non-medical indications for improving self-confidence and cosmetic ones have not been forbidden. Reconstruction, rejuvenation genital surgery such as hymenoplasty, vaginoplasty, clitoral hood reduction (clitoroplexy) can be done by local or general anesthesia and the patient do not need hospitalization. The surgeries are not major surgery although they need doctor special skills. The reconstruction surgery can be done in Indonesia, so the patients do not need to go to Singapore, Bangkok, India, France, United States of America or other countries.

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