Overcome painful during sexual relationship by Labiaplasty

Do you ever feel painful at intimate organs when using underwear or during sexual relationship? Please try to watch your labia minora; does it become the cause of complaint?

Labia minora or also known as inner lips is part of vulva which two flaps of skin on either side of the human vaginal opening, situated between the labia mayora (outer labia, or outer lips). Inner lips vary widely in size, colour, and shape from woman to woman.. Normally, labia minora is covered by the bigger genital labia in the outer part (labia mayora). In the some condition, labia minora can have a bigger measure and stands out through labia mayora (labial hypertophy). Hypertrophy can be caused from congenital, excessive genital stimulus influences such as masturbation, accepted after pregnancy and maternity, overweight or because of aging process. Hypertrophy can happen symmetrically in right and left labia or only stand out in one side.

Labia minora hypertrophy can cause painful or uncomfortability when using underwear or tight clothes, doing activities such as sports, it seems to stand out when using swimsuit, fitness, even painful when conducting intimate relationship. Besides that, frequently women do not feel self-confidence with less perfect intimate organ performances.

“If it already made physical and emotional complaints because of labia minora hypertrophy, so it is suitable for doing reconstruction surgery to reshape the labia minora known as Labiaplasty surgery,“ according to  Dr.Prima Progestian, SpOG from Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital in Jakarta. Labiaplasty operation should be done in adult women. If the hypertrophy is found in childhood, it should wait until 18 years old because genital organ is still in growth process.

Labiaplasty not only can minimize labia in genitalia but also shape again and make labia appereance become more natural. So, labia minora becomes not to stand out and cover vagina better. Finally, physical complaints that are felt pass and recover comfort ability and self-confidence.

Surgery is executed through local, regional or general anesthesia if wanted. The surgery time can take place from one to two hour depend on the difficulties found. Patient can go home in the same day. After surgery, patient can do light activities as soon as possible. But, sexual relationship can be done again after six weeks. When performing labiaplasty, sometimes also include other surgeries such as vaginoplasty or reducing excessive clitoral foreskin (clitoral hood reduction) that sometimes disturbs sensation and sexual enjoyment.

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