The secrets of improving clitoral sensation and sensitivity

Clitoris in woman is an organ that has high sensitivity and sexuality stimulus. In the constant stimulus, it can cause very wonderful enjoyment (clitoral orgasm). But sometimes women do not feel or feel less sensitivity of clitoris. This case can be caused by the excessive cover tissues (foreskins) from clitoris. The causes are congenital, unopened clitoral foreskin, overweight or aging factors.

Is circumcision done in woman

According to dr Prima Progestian, SpOG from Brawijaya Women and Children Hospital in Jakarta which is located in South Jakarta, one of methods that can be done to recover clitoral sensation and sensitivity is performing clitoral hood reduction surgery or also known as clitoral hoodectomy. This action is like circumcision action in men. But, clitoral hoodectomy is not the same as circumcision in woman. World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend circumcision done in women, let alone by cutting all clitoral and labia areas as executed in North Africa. In Indonesia, circumcision action in female infants is executed by puncturing clitoral by needle, so it cause painful and can cause bleeding and infection. This case is less appropriate action because the purpose of opening foreskin cannot be fulfilled only by puncturing by needle and only hurting your infants!

Basically, woman clitoris foreskin is different with penis foreskin in man. Woman foreskin does not cover totally clitoral. The function is as a protector barrier from clitoral, so it does not need to remove. But for 50 to 60% of women, sometimes there are excessive tissues covering clitoris. The excessive is not located in primary foreskin but in secondary foreskin on the top and side of it (lateral), it begins from the parts of clitoral apex to labia minora. The excessive tissues will disturb sensation and sensitivity in sexual stimulus. For overcoming it, it needs to perform clitoral hood reduction so it will seem better cosmetically and also increase stimulus access in the clitoral. In intimate organ cosmetic surgery, often clitoral hood reduction action is executed with Labiaplasty or Vaginoplasty for increasing woman sexuality responses. Clitoral hoodectomy is an operation that can be done in one day care. Patient can go home in the same day after surgery action. The surgical time ranges for a half to two hours, it depends whether combined by other surgery. Patient can conduct light activities after surgery. Sexual relationship can be conducted after 6 weeks of afterwards.

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